Rocksmith’s Battle of Scandinavia is LIVE!

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Three countries, Three bands, One Game and One winner.

For the next 5 weeks, you can follow the epic battle of three Scandinavian bands. The Airborne Highfives, Sparzanza and The Broken Beats will all strive to defend the colors of their flags, in a rockbattle where blood, sweat and tears will be shed in order to master the skills of a true guitar-legend.

The three bands will compete in a variety of rock subgenres. Each member will be in focus, and the scores will be counted. You can follow the bands right here. See them play the game and improve their guitar skills.

Each week you will participate in determining Song of The Week. Remember to cast your vote, to hear the three bands play your favourite song.

Looking to beat the pro’s? You can upload your video of playing Rocksmith, to your Youtube channel, and send the link to Rocksmith Nordic.

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