Watch the bands battle

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The Rocksmith Battle of Scandinavia has officially started. The three Scandinavian bands Sparzanza, The Broken Beats and The Airborne Highfives has unpacked the box, plugged in their guitars and are striving to get the most points.

Rocksmith is a game, where the player can actually learn to play guitar. In the first week, the bands selected the member who they thought would learn the most during this battle. We challenged them to play Alice In Chains “Stone”.

In the final week of the battle, the same band member will play the song again, and the score will count double in the overall score.

Watch the video above, to see how the bands did the first week with Rocksmith, and more importantly, see the first scores at the end of the video. Enjoy!

And remember, next week the bands are competing in System of A Downs ”Hypnotize”. For the week after, the theme is modern rock and the polls are open. Vote here:

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