Battle of Scandinavia – The unlucky, The average and The extremely good

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Now the REAL battle has begun. This week, we challenged the three guitarists.

The three guitarists took on the challenge of the song you all voted for the most last week. Some of them seemed to have practiced more than others.

One of the bands scored an average. One of the bands did not have their best day, and one of the bands was amazing and almost did a perfect round. This is very, very impressive!
Watch the video above, to see how the bands took on the task of playing System of A Down’s Hypnotize.

If you want to explore how each band is doing you can watch below. You can get a bit more insights on how they are working with the Rocksmith game and how the learning is coming on. Watch the guitarist, from each band, play for victory below…

Sparzanza (SE):

The Airborne HighFives (NO):

The Broken Beats (DK):

The bands are now in the middle of practicing next week’s song – Muse – Knights of Cydonia, and you can already vote for which song the bands will play next here.

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