…and the winner of the week is …

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Give the drummer some!

This week the back bone of your band, the man with the sticks, the hard hitter – the drummer – had his take on Rocksmith 2014 either as bass player or guitarist. And how did the three drummers do? Well…one drummer did so good he should maybe consider switching instrument.

Watch the video above to check out the scores. Or see the drummers in separate videos below:

Sparzanza (SE): http://youtu.be/iwboCXJ0IQo

The Airborne HighFives (NO): http://youtu.be/ljEkvID26NY

The Broken Beats (DK): http://youtu.be/DboT-y2iUPs

Check the total score of Battle Of Scandinavia to the right. Impressive!

The bands are now in the middle of practicing next week’s song – The Rolling Stones – Paint It Black. This time it’s the lead singers competing each other. Check back next week to see the status of Battle Of Scandinavia!

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