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So, now we have had the bands playing Alice In Chains, System of A Down, Muse, the Rolling Stones, and as we speak the bass players are working on R.E.M’s  “Losing My Religion” . So far, the Norwegians are WAY ahead of the other competitors. Check the score table in the right column.

They have been rockin’ really really hard, and have been training and training.
BUT, remember, still one week of points to be grabbed, and the epic final round, where the bands will play Alice In Chains, once more, and where the points will be doubled.

Watch the videos and get up to date with the Battle of Scandinavia.

Week 1:  Alice In Chains – “Stone” as played by chosen band member

Week 2: System Of A Down  – “Hypnotize” as played by the guitarist

Week 3: Muse – “Knights Of Cyndonia” as played by the drummers

Week 4: Soon to come. Stay tuned!

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