Get Yer Ya-Ya’s Out!

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The Rolling Stones  – “Paint it Black” was the subject of this week’s Rocksmith Challenge. The three vocalists took on the challenge with great courage. One hiding in the closet, one claiming to be the worst bass player ever, and one is playing for the prime minister and the honor of the nation.

The Airborne Highfives were very far ahead in the competition before this week. This week, the lead singers were to defend their bands honor. Sparzanza is touring in Spain, but practicing like crazy. The Broken Beats trapped themselves in the studio in order to practice. Both bands need to step up their Rocksmith skills very soon, if they want to win the Battle of Scandinavia.

See the total score to the right.

Also check out how each of the vocalists did in the videos below:

The Broken Beats (DK) – Kim Munk

The Airborne Highfives (NO) – Håvar Carlos

Sparzanza (SE) – Fredrik Weileby

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