The Broken Beats

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In late September The Broken Beats released their latest album “All Those Beginnings” who received a five out of six star-rating by GAFFA .

The band was formed in 2001 by frontman , singer and songwriter Kim Munk – his dream of creating the imperfect band; a band without limits, with space for musical and human error, and most importantly – a band where Kim Munk could be who he is.

The album “Ruin For Perfect” sounded like a mixture of Morrisey , The Divine Comedy and Prefab Sprout, really took firm to The Broken Beats was here to stay . The band was nominated for the prestigious P3 prize and critics prize Steppeulven.  The band’s second danish release 2009’s “You’re Powerful , Beautiful and Extrodinary”  presented another big hit “The Rules ” which became the title song in the comedy TV-series “The Man With The Golden Ears” .

The new album “All Those Beginnings” is produced by Kim Munk himself and recorded , edited and mixed by hit-producers Fridolin Nordsø and Carsten Heller.

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Watch their guitarist Søren in action below:

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